Tips For A Successful Backyard Brunch

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During the spring season, it is easy to want to spend all of your time outdoors. There are so many fun activities to enjoy outside. One, in particular, you can do with many friends is hosting a wonderful brunch. If you have never hosted a brunch before, you may wonder what steps you should take to plan for your brunch. Thankfully, Ledge offers some incredible tips for a successful backyard bunch.

Prepare the Backyard to Dine Al Fresco

While you can certainly host brunch inside your home, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to spend a lovely morning in the beautiful spring air. This season is the perfect time to host a backyard brunch as it is not too hot or cold. Make sure that your patio and backyard space is ready for your guests. If you don’t have a designated space, you will want to ensure you have an area set up to dine outdoors. You want the event to be fun and feel relaxed, so offer plenty of comfortable seating for everyone coming to brunch. You will also want the outdoor space to look festive. Thankfully, that is not too difficult to accomplish. Simply, have vibrant outdoor throw pillows for the outdoor chairs and benches. Remember, it is spring, so use this opportunity to incorporate plenty of freshly cut flowers in beautiful glass vases as decor. You will also want to have stunning pastel plates, cups, and chargers.

Give Guests Plenty of Notice

Of course, if you are hosting brunch, you need to invite your friends over. You want to give your guests plenty of notice so they can add it to their calendars. Typically, brunch is held on later Saturday or Sunday mornings. If your friends tend to have busy schedules, then you may want to invite them two weeks in advance. Otherwise, a week’s notice should be plenty of time for them to add brunch to their schedule.


Create a Menu that Blends Breakfast & Brunch

One cannot skimp or improvise on the menu for brunch. Make sure that you have given time and attention to the dishes you are going to prepare. The great thing about brunch is that the possibilities are truly endless. Often, people tend to lean more toward the breakfast side of brunch with egg dishes like omelets, frittatas, and quiches or pancakes and waffles. While there is nothing wrong with it, do not forget about the lunch part of brunch that can expand your brunch menu. Maybe you do have quiche on the menu, but you pair with it a spring salad. If you go the sweet route with waffles or pancakes, you cannot go wrong with some fried chicken strips to make a wonderful and mouthwatering combination.

Of course, you will want to wash down the delicious eats with a refreshing beverage. Offer your guests a variety of fruit juices. Maybe you serve a nice raspberry or peach iced tea. You can even take your brunch up a notch with some delightful virgin spritzers. With some bubbly soda water or sparkling cider and scrumptious juice, fruit, or mint, you can make some lovely drinks to give your guests.


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