Protect Your Car From Sand With These Tips

March 11th, 2024 by

couple by their car at the beach

If you live in Wesley Chapel, chances are you love to visit the beach. While the locale is ideal for beach lovers, sand can be a real problem when keeping your car clean. Sand can get everywhere in your vehicle, including the nooks and crannies. It can even scratch the paint of your car. Fortunately, FitMyCar offers a few steps you can take to protect your vehicle from sand and other beach debris.

Carefully Pick Your Last Swim

While there are car accessories to help contain the amount of sand that can accumulate in the car, it depends on your actions as to how much sand gets in your vehicle. Of course, you want to enjoy your day at the beach fully, but be mindful of when you take your last swim. Sand will be in the ocean water regardless, but do not swim when there are a lot of crashing waves. Instead, swim when the ocean water is calm. You will not accumulate as much sand that way.

Sit in Beach Chairs

Another action you can choose to take is to sit in beach chairs rather than lay on the beach on top of a towel. Sand can and will get all over both you and the towel, making a sandy mess. Instead, sit or lounge in beach chairs. Beach chairs also make for a better cleanup as you can rinse off your beach chairs before putting them in your car. The same cannot quite be done for a beach towel.

Brush and Rinse Off

After you have taken your last swim, gathered your things, and walked off the beach, you need to brush off any extra sand on your arms, legs, swimsuit, clothes, and other beach items. After you brush everything off, you should also rinse off as well as rinse the sand off your items. When you dry off, you will need to use a clean towel that never made its way to the beach. Keep that extra towel or towels in your vehicle.


Wash Your Car

After you leave the beach, it is important to take care of your car. You may have not parked on the beach, but as we all know sand has a powerful way of drifting and getting everywhere, including the parking lot for the beach. It is important, therefore, to wash your car. Before washing, though, make sure to give it a thorough rinse first. You don’t want to immediately start washing as the sponge or brushes can scratch the sand into your car’s paint job.

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