Lease End Options

Lease End Options In Wesley Chapel, FL

The automotive industry is constantly innovating. New Lexus vehicles are released every year that offer a whole new host of technology, safety features, and amenities. When you want to stay on top of automotive trends without the commitment a financed vehicle brings, consider leasing. Leasing offers several distinct advantages over financing that we think you may enjoy.


Lexus vehicles are designed to be a joy to drive, and they offer everything you’re searching for: the latest technology, smart innovations, and an attractive, luxurious appearance. When you lease a Lexus vehicle from Lexus of Wesley Chapel, you’ll be able to switch up your ride at the end of your lease so that you’re always driving the latest and greatest.

Leasing vs. Financing at Lexus of Wesley Chapel

Leasing is different than financing a vehicle in several ways, primarily in the monthly payments you’d make towards that vehicle. When you finance your vehicle, you’re paying on the balance owed in monthly installments; when you lease a vehicle, your monthly payments allow you to utilize the vehicle during your lease. Because of this, the amount owed each month for a lease is usually significantly lower than financing, which never hurts. When your lease ends, you won’t be left with a vehicle you don’t know what to do with. You’ll simply return your leased Lexus to us, and we’ll assist you in finding a new one to drive home in.


If you think leasing a Lexus is the right route for you, we encourage you to speak with our leasing experts at Lexus of Wesley Chapel. They would be glad to assist you in deciding if you should lease or finance and can give you the details of our current leasing offers.

Benefits of Leasing A Vehicle

In addition to knowing the differences between leasing and financing to help your decision, knowing the benefits of leasing will make the decision even easier. As you’re weighing your options, we encourage you to consider these additional lease benefits:

  • Leases are shorter term than financing and owning the car, just a few years or so, meaning your commitment to the car is shorter, too.
  • Because leases are only a few years in length, you can get a new car every few years, allowing you to experience all the new trends and advances the automotive industry has.

Purchase or Lease from Lexus of Wesley Chapel, FL

Driving a Lexus is a unique experience, and shopping for it should be, too. We offer exceptional customer service from the moment you walk through the door, but it doesn’t end when you drive away from our dealership in your stunning new Lexus. We keep serving you mile after mile at our top notch service center, where we’ll take care of you and your vehicle.

Browse our inventory online and see which Lexus model you may be interested in driving. When you’re ready visit us at Lexus of Wesley Chapel for a test drive, and to discuss your options further about leasing or financing your vehicle. We’re ready and waiting to serve you at Lexus of Wesley Chapel.

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