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Located less than thirty minutes outside of Tampa, Wesley Chapel has quickly grown to be a favorite spot for tourists and locals alike. One reason for its attraction is the development of KRATE at the Grove. KRATE is a distinct shopping and dining experience. KRATE is a container park that holds 94 shipping containers that have been turned into close to thirty restaurants and many retail shops. Both restaurants and shops offer artisan products and cuisines. KRATE holds the distinction of being one of the largest container parks in the world. It has attracted visitors from all over the world to check it out, so why don’t you come to check out KRATE yourself this week?

Spectacular Shops

The shops at KRATE are unique, so what you find in one of the shops is certain to be one of a kind and not the type of item you would buy in a chain store. You will find artisan toys, candles, and other goods. There are also several boutiques where you can find fashionable items to wear.

Excellent Eateries

Whether you need a morning pick-me-up, a sweet treat, or anything in between, KRATE hosts many fine restaurants and eateries. There are a range of restaurants that cater to many different palettes. There are Asian, Hawaiian, and Hispanic options as well as several others. You will also find several cafes and bakeries or other sweet shops that offer delightful treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Weekly Events

While you may go to KRATE to check out the shops, you will want to stay to experience the events at KRATE. From Latin Night to 80s Night to R&B Only, KRATE hosts a variety of events on weeknights that cater to individual tastes. There are even some occasional weekend events at KRATE like a Saturday Night Block Party. These events offer opportunities for local artists, bands, and performers to shine!
If you are interested in sponsoring an event at KRATE yourself or wish to set up a vendor tent at one of the events, you can submit a form to sponsor or submit a vendor request to be a part of the KRATE events.

Stop by KRATE in Wesley Chapel

If you’ve grown tired of shopping in the same stores all the time, then visit KRATE in Wesley Chapel which offers food, shopping, and entertainment for an unforgettable time. By shopping and dining at KRATE, you are helping KRATE’s focus to encourage community engagement by supporting small businesses in the local area. Stop by KRATE today!
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