How To Stay Connected As A Remote Worker

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More and more companies are allowing their employees to work remotely thanks to advances in technology. Technology boasts about connecting our world and allows people to work in a different city, state, or even country than where their company or agency is located. The remote worker, however, can find themselves feeling isolated at times or out of the loop with what is going on at work. It is essential, therefore, for remote workers to engage with their colleagues. Flexjobs offers some great advice on how you as a remote worker can have a sense of community with your company by taking these steps to stay connected with your coworkers.

Coffee Chats

You might not be able to chat it up with a coworker in the break room as you refill your coffee mugs. As a remote worker, however, you can have virtual coffee chats with your coworkers. An even better idea is to plan a real coffee meetup if you are going to be in the same city. Either way, allow your virtual or in-person coffee chat to be casual.  This is a time to catch up with your colleagues about what is going on in their lives, which makes it an excellent way to foster camaraderie with your colleagues.

Spur On Group Chats

As mentioned previously, technology is a great asset in the workplace. There are now many apps such as Microsoft Teams or Slack that enable you to quickly communicate with your coworkers. Stay engaged with work discussions by daily using these messaging apps. Pose inquiries about tasks as well as offer suggestions. Being a remote worker does not mean that you have to remain silent behind the screen. Let your colleagues be aware that you are virtually present. While these apps are great for work-related updates or feedback, another great idea to stay connected with your colleagues is to ask a question each week in the group chats. These can be fun and personal questions like “What is your go-to afternoon snack?”, “What’s your favorite show to binge-watch?”, or “What is your favorite holiday tradition?” Start up fun chit-chats with these types of questions to keep the lines of communication open with your colleagues.

Participate in Company Challenges & Contests

While you can spur on group chats, be sure to take advantage of the social opportunities that your work creates. Many agencies create in-house contests or challenges such as a March Madness bracket or fantasy football league to grow the company culture. Participate in these contests to stay connected with your coworkers as well as show off your fun side. Other opportunities can be Halloween or Tacky Christmas Sweater Day. While you may not be in the office, post a picture of yourself in your costume or tacky sweater in the group chat to share a laugh and stay connected with your coworkers.

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Stay Connected with Your Coworkers

You know the old expression, “Out of sight, out of mind.” While your coworkers, team leads, and managers may not mean to, they may forget to contact you or include you in meetings if you work remotely. You, therefore, must continue as a remote worker to engage with your coworkers. Send emails, schedule phone calls, and chat in your company’s messaging apps. By following these guidelines, you can stay connected as a remote worker.

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