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Lexus Safety

Imagine a world without incidents on the road. Sounds like a dream, yet Lexus is taking great strides to make that dream a reality for you to be safe behind the wheel. The Japanese auto manufacturer is already a frontrunner in top-of-the-life safety technology with its Lexus Safety System+. See what this system offers drivers as well as the other steps Lexus is taking towards safety with future technology as our team at Lexus of Wesley Chapel lays out the reliable features in Lexus models that keep you out of harm’s way when you are behind the wheel.

Lexus Safety System+

As mentioned, Lexus Safety System+ brings Lexus ahead of the game in terms of safety. This suite is standard on all Lexus models that are 2020 or newer models, and it offers state-of-the-art safety features that are created to avert incidents as you drive. Features in the safety system include, a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane assistance, and road sign assist. For a more intuitive and better ride, the suite also offers intelligent high beams for increased visibility, dynamic radar cruise control to assist you in keeping a safe distance from other vehicles, and proactive driving assist that aids drivers in being vigilant while driving as it notifies the driver if signs of fatigue or distraction are detected by censoring the driver’s actions.

Made to Defend

Aside from the Lexus Safety System+, there is also Safety Connect equipped in Lexus models. Assistance can be directed to your model’s location should you find yourself in a collision where you are unable to call 911 or your airbags were deployed. Safety Connect can also assist you if your vehicle is stolen.

If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where your airbags are deployed in your Lexus model, you can feel secure thanks to the auto manufacturer’s advanced airbag technology. Lexus has made its airbags to identify the driver and front passenger’s seat-track position so that they can deploy correspondingly. Another way that Lexus prepares its drivers is with exceptional visibility systems that include a backup camera that assists in parking and maneuvering with active gridlines, a multi-terrain monitor that provides a view under the vehicle, and a panoramic view monitor that offers a bird’s eye view.

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Revolutionary Test Driving

You can drive peacefully knowing your Lexus model has undergone tests to prove its safety ability. With Lexus’ advanced digital crash test and advanced driving simulator, Lexus simulates over a thousand driving and crash scenarios, learning what could cause as much as a bruise or scratch in a crash or minor fender bender. What is more, Lexus models are built with reinforced materials that aid in any potential impact your Lexus may encounter.

As you can see, Lexus has taken great strides to protect its drivers and passengers, thanks to features like the Lexus Safety System+ suite, Safety Connect, and test driving simulators. Get behind the wheel of your Lexus today and drive confidently!

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