Reasons To Have Fresh Flowers In Your Workspace

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Most of our day is spent working at a desk inside an office, and while modern offices have moved away from bleak and sterile white walls to accent walls, exposed brick, and metal features, they give off an industrialized atmosphere. This is not quite the environment that will assist in creating a creative and positive work environment. While you may not have control over the design of your office space, one simple touch you can add to generate a constructive work atmosphere is the addition of fresh flowers. Whether they are on your bookshelves or desk, Melbourne Fresh Flowers offers beneficial reasons to have fresh flowers in your workspace.

Boosts Your Mood

There’s a reason why flowers are given on first dates, special anniversaries, birthdays, and when you are not feeling well. Flowers have the gift of instantly lifting someone’s spirit. Why must you wait for a special occasion for someone else to bring you flowers? As Miley Cyrus sings, “I can buy myself flowers,” and you can too. They do not have to be an expensive bouquet from a floral boutique. While you are on your way to work, stop by your local grocery store. Near the produce section, you will find some wonderful, inexpensive flower arrangements to take with you to the office. Seeing these flowers on your desk can lift your mood when you come back from a long meeting or work tirelessly on a project.

Promotes a Wonderful Atmosphere

As previously mentioned, the workspace can sometimes be dull. Promote a wonderful atmosphere by adding a dash of color and beauty with the presence of fresh flowers. Not only are they visually appealing, but fresh flowers also add a pleasant aroma to the environment. On a deeper science level, the fresh flowers on your desk will promote a purified atmosphere through photosynthesis. With the aid of photosynthesis, the fresh flowers in your office will increase the oxygen levels, giving you a fresher atmosphere at work.

Inspires Creativity

Flowers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. These beauties are in many ways examples of natural art. Just as a sculpture or painting can promote innovation or imagination, fresh flowers can also inspire creativity.

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Sparks a Memory

It is also pleasant to have fresh flowers around the workspace as the ones you intentionally selected to have in your workspace probably spark a pleasant memory. Maybe you have pink roses on your desk because your daddy gave you a pink rose for the Daddy-Daughter Dance, or perhaps you placed blue hydrangeas on your shelf because those were the flowers your grandmother grew in her garden. Not only do flowers spark a specific memory, but they help facilitate stimulating your mind’s memory as studies have indicated that creation and nature enhance memory and attention span – abilities that are great to have in the office.

So, if you would like to create a pleasant work environment where you feel motivated and content, consider adding fresh flowers this week to your workspace.

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