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Between the busyness of life and getting caught up in your thoughts that lead down the rabbit hole, there are many times when you need to take a moment. While it sounds easy enough, it takes some consciousness to get into a mindful state. Thankfully, there are some calming and pleasant activities you can try to help you reach a sense of centeredness, so you can live in the moment. Healthline offers several mindful activities to try. Check out a few of these suggestions to help you enter a state of mindfulness.

Fundamental Breathing

Just breathe. It is what everyone says when someone is in a state of panic, but basic breathing is one of the most simple ways to exercise mindfulness. Desirably, you want to be in a quiet place to sit or lie down. Your breaths should be slow and deep as you inhale through your nose and out your mouth. Try not to think about anything but your breathing. Focus on your chest and stomach expanding as it takes in air. If your mind begins to drift, slowly center back on your breathing.

Meditation Walk

If you need more than a breath, then you may want to go on a meditation walk. As you are walking around your neighborhood or taking a walk on your lunch break, take a simple walk either in a circle or straight line as you meditate. As you are walking, focus on the sensation of your feet with each step, the warmth of the sun on your face, and the breeze as it touches your skin.

Mindful Driving

For those who are not in the mood for a walk, you can opt for a slow and peaceful drive. Stay centered by leaving the music off and allow your mind to focus on the drive itself as well as the serene landscape that surrounds you. While you can practice mindful driving as you go to work or run errands, you can also go on an intentional drive. Maybe you have a favorite route that you find beautiful. Drive to your favorite location and let your mind enter a state of mindfulness.

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Art-Based Mindfulness Activities

You may find that doodling or coloring is calming to you. Art-based mindfulness activities are a wonderful way for you to center and focus. Don’t concern yourself with how the picture looks. Instead enjoy the art of coloring or sketching as you focus on the colors, shapes, and strokes that hit the page. With all mindfulness activities, try not to let your mind wander. Rather center in on the action itself.

By integrating mindfulness into your routine, you may find yourself able to enjoy the present as you stay centered which will improveyour mental well-being.

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