The Lexus RX: A Perfect Family SUV

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The Lexus RX: A Perfect Family SUV


There are many factors that you have to consider when you are purchasing a vehicle for the whole family. Of course, you prioritize space and safety, but you also want a vehicle that is fuel-efficient and fun on the road or even off the road. The Lexus RX steps up to the plate to offer features that other models fail to provide. The RX is ideal for venturing on the less traveled path but still presents elements of luxury to give the ultimate driving experience. Discover from Kelley Blue Book along with Lexus itself, what makes the RX the perfect family SUV.

Luxurious Design

“The design is in the details.” The Lexus RX is the epitome of this familiar adage. One look at the 2024 RX and you will know that nothing was placed on the model by accident. This should give those riding in the Lexus peace of mind as every intricate detail has a purpose. While stunning to gaze at, the RX design is also functional with elements specifically created to aid the driver’s overall driving experience. Perfectly placed features allow you as the driver to have control on the road, so you can keep your loved ones and yourself safe on the road without being distracted.

Superb Safety Features

The Lexus RX is more than a luxurious ride. Lexus ensures your loved ones’ safety in the car with the assistance of Lexus Safety System+ 3.0. This safety system alerts the driver of potential collisions as well as slows down the vehicle when there is a detected pedestrian. Other safety features in this safety package include lane departure alert, intelligent high beams, road sign assist, and more.

Room for Everyone

When selecting a new family car, space is important. The Lexus RX has a roomy cabin with enough space for five people. Whether you sit in the front or stretch out your legs in the back row, you will have plenty of room for the journey. Not only is the RX spacious, but you will find the ride calm and serene which is perfect for those holiday travels this time of year.

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Travel Efficiently on the Road

The Lexus RX is a larger SUV, but the Japanese manufacturer has taken great strides to ensure that the RX’s carbon footprint remains small. For the 2024 year, drivers can opt for any fuel-efficient hybrid model. The RX comes in the RX 350h hybrid which offers 246 horsepower or the sporty RX 500h which outputs 366 horsepower. There is also the brand-new RX 450h+ which is a plug-in hybrid that has a 35-mile all-electric range. Of course, if hybrids are not your style, the RX provides several gas variants as well that extend plenty of power.

If you desire a luxury family vehicle that also offers excellent performance with top-notch safety skills, then the Lexus RX is the ideal choice. Feel safe behind the wheel as you take your family on your next adventure in the 2024 Lexus RX. You can find the RX at Lexus of Wesley Chapel. The sales team will happily answer any question that you may have about this powerful SUV.

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