Healthy Habits To Adopt In The New Year

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It is 2024. You made it another year around the sun. As you gather around family, friends, and coworkers, they are bound to ask you the same old question that gets asked every year: what are your New Year’s resolutions? While you can make a resolution any time of the year, those made in the new year typically are made to improve every aspect of our lives — the mind, the soul, and the body — in a healthy way. Each aspect of yourself needs to be taken care of so you can be a happy and functional human being. The team at Medium has offered some helpful and healthy habits you can adopt in the new year to improve your overall lifestyle. Discover which habits you should refocus on for the new year.

Hold Onto Your Tribe

Life is busy and before you know it, you realize it’s been a month since you have seen one of your friends or it has been a while since you have talked to your relatives. No man is an island though, so it is essential to stay in touch with your friends and family. Call them on the phone or send them a message inviting them to get a cup of coffee. For the new year, make plans to have more family gatherings or nights out with friends.

Get Moving

This is not an order to run three miles a day or to have an Orange Theory membership. No, instead this is a prescription to travel and be outdoors more. Traveling is good for your mental health. The cold winter months make people move indoors and what is more, is that many people are beginning to work remotely. This can create isolation which is not good for your mental health. It is vital to be around people, but also to change your scenery now and then. For the new year, make plans to visit a place you have never been to learn more about a different culture and embrace the stunning landscapes as well as simply enjoy some relaxation.

Drink More Water

It can never hurt to drink more water. After all, our bodies are made up of around 60 to 66 percent of water. You can get busy during the day, so a good rule of thumb is to start your morning when you first wake up by drinking a glass of water.


Stay in the Present

While you may make plans in the new year filled with a list of resolutions, remember that it is important to stay in the present. Enjoy each day like the gift that it is. Do not be so hard on yourself if you forget to work out that day or have only read one book so far this year.  Take count of the things you have accomplished. One great way to stay in the present is to clear your mind every evening of any feelings or thoughts that do not add any joy to your life.

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