EVs Are The Way Of The Future

September 18th, 2023 by

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With gas prices seeming to always be on the rise and concerns being raised about the emission of harmful fumes, there appears to be a shift in car owners shopping for alternatives to traditional gas-powered cars. Yes, looking around car lots and the lineups of the different auto brands, it is clear that electric vehicles (EVs) are the way of the future as a more sustainable form of transportation. EVs provide a range of benefits. If you are considering making the switch to driving an electric vehicle, then read all about the advantages Family Handyman says that EVs have to offer.

Lower Performing Costs

Everyone is aware that the number one appeal to purchasing an electric vehicle is the fact that you will not spend money on gas. While taking advantage of better fuel efficiency, EV owners do not have to concern themselves with other auto maintenance costs. Along with saving around $800 on fuel, drivers can also save close to $1,300 on maintenance as electric vehicles do not have to receive oil or filter changes.

Improved Battery Life

On the flip side of those who purchase an EV to save on gas prices are those who have yet to take the plunge into owning an electric vehicle. Their hesitancy? Concerns about the battery range on an EV. Times are changing, however, as auto manufacturers are taking more strides into improving and advancing the range of these vehicles along with the time it takes to charge the vehicle itself. Some EV batteries assure a 600-mile driving range from a single charge. Another change is being made to the infrastructure of EV batteries as auto producers are moving away from costly cobalt to implementing lithium-ion batteries or batteries with carbon fiber solid-state cells.

Staying Safe on the Road

Dismissive remarks have been made about the safety of electric vehicles. Figures from car insurance companies, however, have shown the opposite to be true. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave EVs high safety crash and rollover ratings. This is due in part to the weight of the batteries found in electric vehicles.


Charging the Way Forward

While electric vehicles have made an appearance on the road for a little over ten years now, they are still in the stage of adolescence. With advancements in technology and performance, the cost of owning an EV is becoming less, making it more attainable for car shoppers. These vehicles are efficient with a variety of amenities that make driving enjoyable. As time goes on, more people will be making the switch to owning an electric vehicle. If you are looking to own an electric vehicle that offers you not only fuel efficiency but also luxury, then you ought to stop by Lexus of Wesley Chapel to take the Lexus RZ 450e for a test drive or to ask about the features of the NX PHEV.

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